10 Hilarious Memes That Sum Up The Life Of Every Lazy Person Ever!

If your second name is ‘couch potato’, you know you are the laziest person in your friend circle. Now we can list the reasons people call you names but we’re feeling a little too lazy to type, you see? So let’s just get to the point. If you’d rather chill in bed than spend yourRead moreRead more

Ahoy Readers! You Can Buy Or Exchange Books With People In Your City Using This App

For a fact, bibliophiles always get questioned about their massive collection of books and just how they still reach out to every book in sight- after all, collecting books is a never-ending rule.  Pinterest But while there are some books an avid reader would never give away, there is always a bunch one is willingRead moreRead more

17 Hilarious Q&A Jokes That You Can Share With Your Friends At A Bar

These Q&A jokes can very well make your evening at the bar quite hilarious… 1. Q: How many divorced men does it take to change a lightbulb? A: Who cares? They never get the house anyway. 2. Q: What do the films The Sixth Sense and Titanic have in common? A: Icy dead people 3.Read moreRead more

This Artist Uses Random Photos From The Internet To Create Absolutely Dreamy Images

We all use photo editing apps to make our pictures pretty and while it’s often said that you can Photoshop images but not the reality, we like to airbrush our imperfections anyway. #NoFilter is now a trend and we want to encourage people to be comfortable in their own skin. However, we wouldn’t mind beingRead moreRead more

11 Times People Stumbled Upon Treasures In The Weirdest Places

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5 Kids Who Beat The Likes Of Albert Einstein And Stephen Hawking With Highest IQ Scores

Sometimes children display extraordinary powers of the genius. They are not only talented but beyond gifted for how else will you explain these kids scoring the highest IQ scores and beating Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking at their own game? Let’s take a look at these children who blinded us with their brilliance. 1. ArnavRead moreRead more

10 Rules Of Engagement If You Want To Friend Like An Adult

It’s kind of unfortunate that most things we know and believe about friendship actually date back to our days in school and college. No one ever talks about the evolution of friendship in relation to adulting. As we grow older, the relationships in our life mature. What worked for childhood and college friendships no longerRead moreRead more

13 Things People Need To Stop Doing To Students During Their Board Exams

Board exam fever is upon us and with students struggling to cope with the unending pressure to perform well, we thought we would step in to help them out. How, you ask? Well, by telling the rest of the world the things they need to stop doing to the person who is appearing for their examination.Read moreRead more

Sportscar Owner Drives Aggressively And Shows Off On Public Roads, Gets Instant Karma

The roads all over the world are full of idiots. Idiots who have too much money and too little brains. They are not only a danger to themselves but also other road users. But sometimes, they learn their lessons. Like this guy. Facebook user Mike Mathews posted this dashcam video of the experience he hadRead moreRead more

7 Quick And Easy Money-Saving Ideas For Young Millennials

In this era of cashless transactions and online shopping, we millennials are simply just hooked to the idea of instant gratification! After slogging for almost 240 hours a month, the moolah which comes into our bank accounts just goes down the drain during the weekends. So, what are we left with by the end ofRead moreRead more