In A Busy Schedule How The Phones Are Important Part Of Human Being

These images show how to phones are impotent part of human being in a busy schedule:  1. Pedestrians look at their mobile phones near Brick Lane in London, Britain. Reuters 2. A pedestrian looks at his mobile phone as he passes an advert board on Regent Street in London, Britain. Reuters 3. A man looksRead moreRead more

15 Things You Should Never, Ever Do At Bars As Revealed By Bartenders

You had a great time last night, drinking the evening away. You got high and danced with your besties. But then you got drunk. You ripped the coasters apart. You asked for free drinks. You did all of that and remembered nothing the next morning. See, you can’t do that. There are rules to beRead moreRead more

6 Reasons Why Black Is The Trendiest Colour That Never Goes Out Of Fashion

“Black is always elegant. It is the most complete colour in the whole world, made of all the colours in the palette.” – Ricardo Tisci With every passing season, new colours keep trending in the world of fashion and try to give competition to the King of all Colours- Black! Well, it does not makeRead moreRead more

It’s Not Sushi, It’s Shoe-Shi – Creative Chef Turns Fish And Rice Into Desirable Sneakers

28-year-old Yujia Hu is now making people follow him on Instagram for two reasons – first, he’s bringing all the sushi love in one frame and second that he’s a damn creative person.  This Chinese chef born in Italy is now setting Instagram on fire with his work. He takes rice and fish to turn themRead moreRead more

Hottest pictures of Indian lingerie models

These Indian lingerie models are so hot that they can give Victoria’s Secret models a run for their money. Besides their amazing bodies, the lingerie is to die for. Flip through to find the hottest models baring it all. Disclaimer: itimes does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any information’s, content orRead moreRead more

12 Amazing Animal Bridges Across The World That Save Thousands Of Animals From Dying

More animals are killed by cars each day than we can ever imagine.  When people drive above the speed limit on highways, owing to the broad long roads, sans obstacles, it’s hard for them to foresee the arrival of an animal from any side of the road.  newscientist (Also read: Guwahati Becomes The First Indian CityRead moreRead more

15 Handy Tips To Arm Yourself With Before, During And After A Flood Hits

Floods one of the most common and destructive natural disasters. Over the past few years, India itself has experienced some of the most calamitous floods that destroyed thousands of lives and property worth crores.  afp So what should one do when flood warnings are sounded? The first and foremost step is to arm oneself withRead moreRead more

11 Innovative Hacks We Adopted As Students To Cheat In Exams

Oh, the lengths we went to to cheat in exams! More planning went into making cheat sheets than revising teacher’s notes. Of course, we got caught, but that never deterred us from continuing our ways because passing a paper was more important than getting good grades. Brace yourself as we take a walk down memoryRead moreRead more

Undekha Tadka-Ep 43-Shahid Kapoor And Kangana Ranaut – The Kapil Sharma Show

Click Here to watch more Undekha Tadka : Promoted Stories AD: Remit Money Schedule payments for future with Remit Money. AD: OddUp Investors’ fear of scams hurting genuine ICOs and STOs AD: CricUnion 10 Richest Cricketers in the World right now. AD: 10 Most Impressive & Affordable Penthouses AD: StantonDaily Beautiful Wives OfRead moreRead more

10 Unique Musical Instruments You’ll Only See In India

India’s rich cultural heritage has given us some of the most amazing yet unique musical instruments. It is often said that when words fail, music speaks and these instruments are proof of that. From different parts of the country, and from different cultures – here are 10 unique musical instruments you’ll only see in India.Read moreRead more