Now You See Him: Firefighters Rescue Chameleon For Special Kid

IRVINE, CA —Sure, the fire department specializes in rescuing cats, but why not answer a family’s call for help with a clinging chameleon? An 8-year-old Irvine boy got to meet some true-to-life superheroes Tuesday when his pet chameleon got loose.

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When the boy and his family discovered he was missing from his enclosure, they searched indoors and outdoors for the little guy. At last, they discovered the crafty chameleon had scaled a large backyard tree.

Too high to reach, they only had one option, according to an Orange County Fire Authority spokesperson. Call the fire department. Dispatch operators were professional and courteous, sending the engine out on operation chameleon rescue.

“Our firefighters stepped up to the plate for the child and went the distance,” Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Jon Muir told Patch. Upon arrival, Engine 36 firefighters attempted a net rescue, but the creature was too high off the ground. Next, they used a good, old fashioned extension ladder, but it was too short. The firefighter further scaled the tree to reach the spot where the palm-sized critter crawled.

It’s not every day that you answer a call to help a precariously perched pet reptile. Still, the colorful lizard seemed content to be reunited with his young owner.

“You can always count on us,” Muir said.

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