Norman Lear to Boycott Reception With the 'Archie Bunker' President

The artists that will be celebrated at this year’s Kennedy Center Honors were just announced. But one of them—legendary television producer Norman Lear—has said he’ll be boycotting the pre-gala White House reception in protest of President Donald Trump.

The New York Times described his boycotting of the reception as “a rare move in the Honors’ 39-year history.” Yet it is perhaps not at all surprising, given that the 95-year-old has said of Trump: “He IS Archie Bunker. I think of Donald Trump as the middle finger of the American right hand.”

The Dec. 3 ceremony takes place at the Kennedy Center Opera House, but the ceremony is always preceded by a White House reception where the president hosts the honorees.

Lear cited Trump’s proposal to slash arts funding as being behind his snubbing of the reception.

“I can’t see myself visiting a White House, what [Trump] called a dump, that dumps on the National Endowment for the Arts,” the progressive activist and “All In the Family” creator said to the Washington Post.

“This is a presidency that has chosen to neglect totally the arts and humanities—deliberately defund them—and that doesn’t rest pleasantly with me,” he said to the Times.