News on Vince McMahon Segment, Stephanie's Return & Backstage Reaction

— There are more details on the headbutt that Vince McMahon took on Smackdown from Kevin Owens that resulted in Vince being busted open and drawing blood. Accordingto Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, it appears that Vince did indeed pre-blade himself before the segment but instead might have used Vaseline to cover up the cut instead of Nu-skin.

— As well, the original plan was for Stephanie McMahon to come running down with a white towel so that Vince could bleed all over it but it is unclear why she wasn’t given the towel. That appears to be the only reason Stephanie made such an unsual return to WWE TV, that too on Smackdown instead of Raw.

— The above segment was much talked about last week among WWE officials and talent. According to sources, some people considered it “ridiculous” for Vince to take such a shot to the head given his age and the fact that the company is front and center in so many concussion related issues.