Mystery ‘noxious’ odor is tormenting this Maryland town

There’s a smell so strange wafting over this Maryland town — that it’s keeping people awake.

The mystery “noxious” odor permeating Cheverly since Tuesday evening has been so strong at times that it’s awakened some of its 6,173 residents and made others gag or experience a burning feeling in the back of their throats, town officials said Thursday.

“Our conversations have stressed that residents have been experiencing noxious odors sufficient to wake them out of their sleep,” officials said.

It’s unclear where the stench is coming from. Officials said they reported the condition to the state’s Department of the Environment and also reached out to the local fire department, Washington Gas, the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission and Pepco.

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“We take the matter of our air quality and impacts to our community’s health very seriously and are closely following the situation,” the town said.

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