More on Black’s Injury, Rumors Of Riddle Winning The NXT Title

Former NXT Champion Aleister Black has reportedly undergone surgery after being crotched during a match. WWE has not even acknowledged the injury yet but Dave Meltzer reports that he finds it “hard to believe” that Black will be able to compete at NXT TakeOver in two weeks time. This could cause the scheduled Triple Threat Match that also includes Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano to be changed to a singles match.
Meltzer also noted that “someone suggested” to put Matt Riddle into the match as a mystery third wrestler and make him the champion to create an “instant superstar.” Thus far, the rumors have suggested that Riddle will be in attendance at TakeOver but to do the usual thing by having him sit in the front row that WWE has done with other recent signees.
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter