MLW Fusion Results (7/6): Callihan vs. MVP in a Boiler Room Brawl

During last week’s episode of MLW Fusion, Su Yung and Zeda Zhang debuted and disrupted a prospect matchup, MVP accepted a Boiler Room Brawl challenge from Sami Callihan and Fred Yehi defeated Sammy Guevara. Also, ACH defeated the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann. Let’s get right into the action for this week’s show.
Opening Contest:
Simon Gotch & “Filthy” Tom Lawlor vs ACH & Rich Swann: Just last week, ACH and Swann were opponents but now they’re partners. Swann and Gotch started things out and Simon got right to wrestling Rich to the mat and tried to utilize a submission, but Rich flipped out of it. Gotch placed Swann on the turnbuckle and flexed for him while the crowd booed away. Swann used the ropes and countered out of Gotch’s hold to tag in ACH who started working on Simon until Filthy got the tag. ACH took Lawlor down with an arm drag but Filthy Tom fought back with some stiff knees, but ACH stopped short when Tom shot him to the corner just to look back and smile. Lawlor sat on the canvas and invited ACH to wrestle but ACH kicked him instead. Lawlor countered a roll-up pin with a chokehold that he transitioned into an arm submission. ACH tried to pin him and finally lifted Tom up for a suplex.

They both tagged out and Swann started hitting dropkicks but Gotch countered with a sudden armbar. Swann didn’t tap out and the Dirty Blondes showed up to have some words with Team Filthy about them taking a dookie in Col. Parker’s cowboy hat a couple of weeks ago. Swann and ACH hit everyone with dives over the top rope and Jake Hager (Swagger) showed up to take out Tom Lawlor. The Stud Stable left as Col. Parker smiled with a cigar in his teeth. Gotch took a brainbuster from ACH and a frog splash from Swann to end the match. Winners: ACH & Rich Swann
Backstage Segments/Interview:
Selina de la Renta was interviewed backstage by Vanessa Craft and de la Renta said that she wasn’t anybody and that she wasn’t going to talk to her. She kept talking. Vanessa tried to ask her if bounties were even legal, Selina asked her what country she was in but that didn’t seem to matter to her either. She just smiled and walked away.
Col. Parker and Jake Hager were backstage. Parker talked about Team Filthy using his hat as a bathroom and that hat cost him thousands of dollars. Hager thought it was disgusting and Parker said that Team Filthy was going to pay for it even though it’s not about the money.

They showed a following video which you can see below from Selina de la Renta’s Instagram account. It sounded like she fired Sammy Guevara which isn’t good for him.


I’m sorry things are not working out, no no no. It’s you, not me ?? Farewell @sammyguevara #MLWFUSION @majorleaguewrestling
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Filthy Tom was asked about his match against Jake Hager. Gotch said that the only letters that matter are FTL and Tom said that Parker is over the hill and he thinks they should put them out to stud but doesn’t think they can get the job done.

Second Match:
Low Ki vs Ricky Martinez: Low Ki nailed a running knee right from the start and Martinez had little room to breath after that because it was not pretty for him. Low Ki started landing closed fists and kicks before Martinez could even get up. Low Ki mounted Ricky in the corner and then he tried to get away but Low Ki landed a forearm uppercut and continued to stalk his opponent as he tried to get up. Low Ki landed a stiff chop and choked him out with his boot in the corner. Martinez got no offense in at all as The Professional continued his assault. Then Low Ki hit a shotgun dropkick that launched Ricky into the corner. Then he hit the Switchblade kick and that was all she wrote. Winner: Low Ki
After the match, Vanessa Craft interviewed Low Ki. She asked him about the $60,000 bounty. Low Ki said that it’s not a bounty, it’s an investment because she gets a professional because he’ll get the job done. He then said that the world just witnessed a public execution and what we just witnessed is a fraction of what he’ll do to Shane Strickland.
Backstage Promo:
Barrington Hughes cut a promo and he’s still not very happy with the Death Machine for jumping him a couple of weeks ago. He then said that it’s hurricane season and he’s a natural disaster.
Main Event:
Sami Callihan vs MVP (Boiler Room Brawl): Callihan rushed MVP and they got going with some strikes. MVP wedged Callihan against a cage door and pulled at him before slamming his head in the door. They tried to gouge each other’s eyes out. MVP took a cage door to the face and then Callihan left. Sami stumbled down the hallway and fell to the ground as MVP walked up on him. Callihan thought he had won but that wasn’t the case. Sami turned the corner and Leon Scott, a member of Callihan’s Death Machine was laid out on the ground. Suddenly, MVP jumped him and then the other member of the Death Machine grabbed MVP and Callihan crawled away. MVP took care of Callihan’s henchman and proceeded to beat him in the hallway a bit. Callihan hit MVP with a bottle of water and told him he’s going to die. He placed a chair on the floor but MVP hit him with a big boot and tossed him down another darker hallway.
They were soon fighting on the floor of the Gilt Nightclub and made their way to the ring. MVP used a broom to choke Callihan and Sami gouged him in the eyes to get out of the hold. Sami threw MVP into the crowd and he stumbled over some chairs. They traded some shots before MVP launched Sami into some empty chairs. They kept fighting and MVP took a trashcan to the face. Sami spit into the air and started throwing chairs into the ring. Callihan tried to pile drive MVP onto a chair, but he fought out of it. MVP started clubbing away at Sami and hit the Playmaker on the chair for a near fall. Sami grabbed a chair and launched it at MVP’s head for a two count and took him down with a stiff clothesline off the ropes for another near fall. Callihan retrieved a baseball bat from under the ring but MVP speared him as soon as he got back in to take the bat. MVP hit the Death Machine with the bat who was trying to jump in and Sami nailed a low blow and then hit him in the face with the baseball bat. Then Sami hit his finisher and got another near fall. MVP spit in Sami’s face and he hit him again for the win. Winner: Sami Callihan
After the match, The Death Machine celebrated as MLW Fusion went off the air.