Mike Kanellis & Coachman React to Fan Criticism, 9 Things The Rock Should Fight, More On Titus O’Neil Ambassador Role

Geek.com has compiled a humorous list of 9 things The Rock should fight in his next movie, and the list includes a dragon, a Transformers Decepticon, a ghost and more. Below is an article excerpt:

A cinematic universe being announced these days generally means nothing as we all know that announcing something and actually making it are two very different things. Nonetheless, there were rumors at one point of Johnson’s G.I Joe squad being featured in a crossover flick with the Michael Bay Transformers movies and I haven’t been able to get the idea out of my head since. The mental image of The Rock in mid-air, arm pulled back in preparation to give Starscream a right hook across the jaw has warmed my soul in trying times. I highly doubt that team-up film ever happens, but this is exactly why horny Star Trek fans invented fan fiction.

More On Titus Ambassador Role

As noted, WWE star Titus O’Neil will be an ambassador for Pay It Forward Day and he Tweeted the following details:

Proud to be an Ambassador for @pifdayusa for the second year Today We show Others what Love can Do!! #payitforwardday is here and 81Countries are going to #stand4kindness through random acts of Kindness ❤ #TitusWorldWide @WWEApollo @DanaBrookeWWE and the rest of @WWE that help pic.twitter.com/8WvFh7L0Mm

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— Titus O’Neil (@TitusONeilWWE) April 28, 2018

Mike Kanellis & Coachman React to Fan Criticism

WWE stars Mike Kanellis and Jonathan Coachman each battled social media negativity today with the following comments:

Millions of guys and girls would love to work for WWE. Hundreds of guys and girls that work for WWE would love to be on the main roster. I work for WWE, on the main roster, on the RAW Brand. But WWE is doing me wrong? Give me a break. 🙄 #perspective

— Mike Kanellis (@RealMikeBennett) April 28, 2018

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I always said I wouldn’t quit trying but I am getting pretty close. Thank you though. It just baffles me. If I supposedly hate something SO much I just don’t do it. Or watch it. I don’t sit around and type complaints to make myself feel better when it really doesn’t. https://t.co/auM6TODtpa

— Jonathan Coachman (@TheCoachrules) April 28, 2018

Some crew members literally LIVED in Saudi Arabia for over a month to make that show happen on Friday. To say this is SO disrespectful. Crew and production rarely get props that they deserve. It’s SO good all the time taken for granted. That was such a show yesterday. https://t.co/Ty2SWKWls7

— Jonathan Coachman (@TheCoachrules) April 28, 2018