Meet The World’s Oldest Doctor, 89 YO Alla, Who Still Performs Surgeries

From a watchman to a CEO of a company, all of them invariably crib about going to work. But this is certainly not the case with a 89-year-old doctor from Russia, who stands as an inspiration to many.

Meet, Alla Illyinichna Levushkina, a surgeon from Russia, who at the age of 89 still carries out operations. In her 67 years as a doctor, Alla has conducted close to 10,000 surgeries with no fatalities.

According to a Daily Mail report, for 30 years Alla worked with air medical services where she treated patients who were caught in the Russian wilderness.

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  • The Metro UK quoted her as saying, “‘I work and everything. I have nothing to do in retirement. Doctor – it is not just a profession it’s a way of life. Why else would the surgeon live, if not to work?’

    The dedicated surgeon is still unmarried and lives alone in a flat with eight cats and also takes care of her disabled nephew.

    She starts work at sharp 8 am every day and faces two big challenges, one being her height. Alla is only 150cm (4ft 9in) tall, for which she needs step on a platform to reach her patients, the other challenge is to convince people who are scared of getting treated by someone that old.

    But despite all odds, Alla is determined and says she is ‘living her childhood dream’, her colleagues claim that she has very steady hands when it comes operations.

    She was recently awarded the price for the best doctor in Russia, reports the Mirror. The workaholic told Metro, ‘I work because it’s interesting to me, and also because I like to win.’ She calls herself a ‘racing horse’ every time she walks into the OT.

    So, if you are still cribbing about your work, take Alla as an example of dedication and you will start enjoying every bit of it.

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