McIntyre Reveals His Progress With DDPY, Seth, McAfee/Natty Lite

DDPY released the video below of Drew McIntyre displaying his progress while using The DDPY Program. The beginning of the video shows Drew talking about starting the program in March Of 2018, a month before he made his WWE main roster debut. Six months later, Drew talked about working a full time schedule again being a bit of a shock to his system, but he feels “a million percent better” by using DDPY as opposed to his previous WWE run.

“I can safely say six months later, I am bigger than I’ve ever been and stronger than I’ve ever been,” McIntyre said. “Physically I feel better than I have in years.”

Seth Rollins will be appearing at The Detroit Autorama in The Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan this Friday from 6-8PM. You can get more details at
Former NFL Star Pat McAfee, who signed a multi-year deal to work as a WWE Digital Contributor earlier this month, has teamed with Natty Light as part of their “Naturdays” Campaign for their strawberry lemonade flavored beer. According to a press release, “A Naturday is more than just a beverage though. It is also an epic day with friends. To help us show the world exactly how to have a Naturday, Natty teamed up with legendary retired NFL Punter Pat McAfee. Host of his own hit podcast The Pat McAfee Show, McAfee is known for legendary stories, so he was tailor-made to show the world exactly what a ‘Naturday’ stands for.”
You can check out McAfee’s Naturdays Story, Red 18, below:
“I could not be more excited to be a part of this campaign. It tastes phenomenal and it’s literally all about creating epic stories with your buddies,” said McAfee. “Red 18 is just one example of the many, many Naturdays I’ve had, and for Natty Light to come to me and ask to MAKE A GOD DANG MOVIE about my real life…well that was just awesome to experience. I promise you’ll love the film and this beer.”

Good morning beautiful people.. I am honored & delighted to say that @naturallight has asked me to be a part of their brand new, “Naturdays” announcement.
A Naturday, is not only a deliciously refreshing beer, it is also when a day becomes A DAY out of nowhere.. Here’s mine
— Pat McAfee (@PatMcAfeeShow) February 25, 2019