Maryse Updates Fans On Her Knee Injury, WWE Future Endeavors Tribute, Jillian

— WWE Divas Champion Maryse discussed her recently dislocated kneecap in a blog on her MySpace account ( Maryse wrote: “Last week while performing in the ring in Raleigh, North Carolina i hit a bad move an dislocated my right knee cap. While backstage it took approximatly 35 to 40 minutes to replace it, my knee cap was completly out. No surgery will be needed. I would like to thank Dc. Martha Dodson and our special trainer Larry Heck to save my leg, they really did. Thank you sooo much!!! I want to let all my fans know that im doing great and doing rehabilitation every day in Los Angeles where i live. Im recovering really fast. Thanks for all the support !!!”

Maryse posted a second blog thanking the people behind a fansite in her honor, Maryse wrote: “Thanks to Maddie and everybody who works so hard to make my official fansite so amazing…..keep being dedicated, you guys ROCKS!!!!”

— There is a tribute video on YouTube in honor of all the main roster wrestlers WWE released from the company in 2008. Developmental wrestlers, referees and road agents were not included in the tribute. You can see the video at the following link, which is actually not meant to be mocking them despite the song used.

— The WWE site has posted a photo shoot of Jillian Hall in the dress she wore at last month’s Slammy Awards. You can see the pics at the following link.

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