Marcus Cor Von's Absence, Ashley Gets Top Billing, Stevie Richards' Push

sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Wrestling Observer,

— Marcus Cor Von is currently on a leave of absence from WWE. There was a family situation where he was forced to take care of his nieces and nephews due to problems within the family with his sister not being able to do so. He hasn’t appeared in a WWE ring since the 6/19 ECW on Sci-Fi show.

— Ashley Massaro is getting top billing from CBS for the upcoming Survivor: China series. CBS officially announced the cast earlier today. Ashley is the only celebrity on this season’s roster. The show premieres on Thursday, September 20 at 8pm et/pt.

— Stevie Richards is getting a push due to several good reviews from WWE road agents. Richards has always been high on the McMahons’ list of well-liked performers. In recent years, he was depushed due to a confrontation with writer Dave Lagauna over the creative direction of his character. Now thanks to the producers, he’s getting a push.

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