Major Update on Plans For AEW’s TV Deal, McAfee Almost Quit WWE

Ever since it was announced at the start of the year, fans have eagerly been awaiting the launch of All Elite Wrestling. Tony Khan, son of Jacksonville Jaguars owner Sadiq Khan, will be serving as the president of the new promotion while other members of The Elite are the Executive Vice Presidents. The upstart promotion is hoping to “change the universe” with their Double or Nothing event in May, but fans are still curious as to where AEW will be available on TV. Jim Ross recently stated that the promotion was having talks with major cable networks about premiering in October, but the names of the possible networks were not revealed. However, a major development regarding AEW’s future on television may have just been broken.

-BREAKING- @WarnerMediaGrp aka Turner Sports (TNT, TBS) will present @AEWrestling at their upfronts to advertisers next month. WarnerMedia/Turner upfronts are currently scheduled for May 15th. This is how Networks announce their content lineup for the fall season to advertisers.
— The Fight Oracle (@fightoracle) April 10, 2019

The potential home for All Elite Wrestling’s weekly TV show may have just been discovered. According to Twitter user Fight Oracle, the Warner Media Group will be presenting AEW during the upcoming TV upfronts. This will allow the media company to show off the promotion to advertisers who may be interested in investing during the fall television season. Warner Media owns TBS and TNT, but that also includes HBO. Fight Oracle speculates that the promotion could soon start airing its pay-per-views on the platform. TNT was previously the home for WCW’s programs, so perhaps they can carry wrestling again in the near future. The Warner Media upfronts are scheduled for May 15th, so perhaps more information will be provided around that time.

HBO is under the WarnerMedia umbrella. There’s a lot of talk in the tv industry that they want to make HBO more mainstream. More widely distributed. This is just me thinking now.. maybe you put AEW “PPV” events on HBO.
— The Fight Oracle (@fightoracle) April 11, 2019

Pat McAfee has not been working in WWE for very long, but his run with the company apparently almost came to an end this past weekend. McAfee was present for the WrestleMania 35 Kickoff show on Sunday, and some fans noticed that he was wearing shorts during the show. According to McAfee, this bothered announcer Michael Cole, who pulled him aside backstage and called him out for looking “sloppy” and “unprofessional.” This upset McAfee so much that he claims that he nearly walked away from his job that night. McAfee eventually returned and got the choice to wear shorts appproved by Vince McMahon. Cole then apologized to McAfee and said that he only yelled at him because he was worried about his chances in WWE since WrestleMania 35 marked the first time that McMahon was seeing McAfee’s work.