Love Getting Clicked? Take Cues From These Fashion Bloggers And Celebrities Who Captured Their Real Selves Like A Boss

In this day and age of social media, we are always competing with others online rather than offline. From the rat race to success, the focus is slowing shifting to the ‘like’ race on Facebook and Instagram. In the process of doing this, most of us forget to be our real selves and not the person we see online with a filtered image. We pretend to be someone who we don’t particularly relate with. All because we millennials suffer from major FOMO.

Taking a cue from this growing shift in paradigm, some fashion bloggers and celebrities decided to capture their real beauty (than filtered clicks) with just a photograph to inspire others to embrace their real self. And to be honest, it doesn’t take filters and edit to make your pictures look Insta-worthy. All it takes is a few realistic tricks and by the looks of it, these fashion bloggers are acing the #NoFilter click like a boss! Here’s how you can do it too: 

1.First things first, be confident and be yourself. If you want to wear shades inside your room to click a photo, do it without a second thought.

Mouni Roy/OPPO

2.Avoid too many distractions in your click, use a white background instead to bring the real you back in focus.

Tammannah Bhatia/OPPO

3.Find a camera that does absolute justice to the real you.

Hardy Sandhu/OPPO

4.Choose any location or setup that makes you feel comfortable to click a photo. You might not be allowed to talk in a library, but a quiet picture would harm no one.

5.Don’t over-think a photo, just embrace your mood. If you don’t feel like showing your face, don’t. Your beauty is beyond your the face.

6. Show your emotions, as they are. Happy, sad, excited or bored, let your face do the talking.

7.Click a photo from an angle that you love the most and put your best pout forward.

Taking selfies is a trend that is here to stay and OPPO, a forerunner in the selfie camera technology, takes it very seriously. OPPO F5, the latest phone in the line of selfie expert phones by OPPO, helps you #CaptureTheRealYou with its Artificial Intelligence (AI) selfie feature. The phone has a 6-inches FHD+ full-screen display which offers vivid and colourful visuals in a compact body.

With so many people swearing by the OPPO F5 camera, it’s time you get your hands on it too before they run out of stock!


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