Losing US Open final was very disappointing for Serena Williams – Coach

In an interview to Marca, Serena Williamss coach commented on last years US Open final loss to Naomi Osaka. As you can imagine it was very disappointing for her to reach a final like the New Yorks and lose it.

All the effort she did to comeback on Tour after being a mother are focused on winning Grand Slam titles again. Serena has always been very ambitious. She is not aware that reaching two finals like she did last year is a big achievement.

She is a born competitor. For her winning is what matters. All what happened at the US Open is the past. Champions are used to find solutions in a natural way to keep having success. Since I know her she is trying to be a better player every day.

Whats Serenas secret? There is not an answer to your question. She has a good technique, maybe the best serve of all time. In general, she has a lot of power on all her shots. She is one of the biggest athletes in history, always with a champions winner mentality.

But, especially, she likes to compete. She came back from a lot of tough situations during her career. On splitting with Wim Fissette at the end of last year after winning Wimbledon and reaching Australian Open semifinals, Mouratoglou added: From outside its always difficult to understand a separation when you got results.

I suppose there will be some good reason because no one wants to lose your coach if you are playing well. ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title

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