Lessons On How To Quit Your Job And Travel The World From A Couple Who Did It

What could be better than crumpling your work calendar and heading out for a break on a whim? If you’re a true travel junkie, you probably live your life from one journey to another. Meet this couple, who is no stranger to this concept – Vidit Taneja and Savi Munjal’s mutual love for travel was one of the factors that brought them together in high school. After their marriage, their love for travel has quite literally taken them places. After almost ten years of travelling together, they quit their jobs to travel full-time. They decided to blog about it, and Bruised Passports was the result.

Bruised Passports – Instagram

The Tale of Bruised Passports

“After we visited 50 odd countries, we found ourselves penning lengthy emails to friends and family with recommendations and itineraries each week. So, we thought we’d share our insights on travelling and exploring new places with the world in the hope that it would help people planning similar trips,” they said.

Having hundreds of visas and stamps on their passports, they decided to call their blog Bruised Passports because their passports actually looked incredibly bruised and battered from travelling around the world.

Bruised Passports – Instagram

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  • According to the couple, travelling isn’t just about visiting a place, it’s about getting to know a place. They’ve been to more than 82 countries, and for them, it is never about ticking places off a travel list, but about spending a long period of time in just one country and experiencing it in every way possible.

    The Art of Storytelling

    With the internet taking over the world, more and more bloggers are penning down their adventures. It’s tough to keep up with the art of storytelling when so many people are telling the same story. To stand out, to make your story different, and to present yourself like none other is a challenge most bloggers face.

    While a lot of bloggers travel because they run a popular blog, for Vid and Savi, it’s the other way round. They are extremely passionate about travelling and having explored the world a long time before they started blogging is what they believe gives them an edge over others.

    Bruised Passports – Instagram

    For them, Bruised Passports is about a lot more than travel. “It’s about love and looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses. We’re both hell-bent on questioning conventions, chasing true happiness, and phasing out the negativity and clutter that defines modern life. We believe this is what makes us different,” they said.

    Travelling With a Partner  

    It’s a dream to travel the world with the one you love, isn’t it? Vid and Savi are living that dream. But travelling is also about decision making and giving each other space. And while there are certain challenges that come along the way, the beautiful moments make it all worthwhile. Vid and Savi really enjoy travelling with each other and give each other ample space. For them, there weren’t any challenges in their journey and they say that having a familiar person when exploring new terrains and little corners of the world is a great feeling.

    Bruised Passports – Instagram

    Travel Blogging & Managing Finances

    Blogging, unlike other regular jobs, doesn’t offer a fixed pay, and managing finances is a struggle at times. “Contrary to popular perception full-time travel blogging is an extremely demanding job. We think planning and prioritising is key if you are a full-time blogger,” they said.

    Vid and Savi have worked their way around blogging by working full-time jobs in London and by saving for full-time travelling for 8 years. “We have several location-independent jobs that help sustain our lifestyle – I write articles for several publications, Vid works on several photography assignments, and of course, both of us work with several brands in the capacity of professional travel influencers as well,” explained Savi.

    Bruised Passports – Instagram

    Beyond Bruised Passports – Love Over Anything Else

    We asked Vid and Savi about their all-time favourite getaways and their answers were New Zealand, Iceland, and Peru. In India, they said, “It might be clichéd but Ladakh and Spiti Valley are truly spectacular.” New Year is around the corner and if you want to take a trip, then Bruised Passports approves of London or Sydney to start your year on a happy note.

    We don’t give enough credit to how beautifully love brings two people together and Vid and Savi are one such example. They are indeed couple goals – inspiring thousands of people to pursue their love for travelling.

    Bruised Passports – Instagram

    More power to you, Vid and Savi.


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