Leo Borg can win Grand Slam titles, says Mats Wilander

In an interview to Observador the seven-time Grand Slam winner commented on the 15-year-old potential. A lot of attention has been put around Leo, who is very passionate about the game like Bjorn once declared.

Wilander said that there can be a lot of pressure in the future on Leo. Its very complicated to go somewhere when you have a father like Bjorn, but at the same time having a father like him brings you to the next level.

All the kids usually thinks that their father does not know what he says, in this case he is a 11-time Grand Slam winner. He is on the right way, trying to be who he wants to be, said Wilander. Its surprising and strange how we had a lot of good players in the 80s thanks to Bjorn Borgs success.

Its equally strange that now we do not have contenders for titles. But Sweden has good players and Leo Borg is one of them. Its a matter of time before someone breaks through. It can really be Leo Borg. Its difficult when your father is Bjrn Borg.

But at the same time: once he starts getting away from the image that features him as Bjorns son, he can probably take advantage from having him as a father. Its possible enough for him to win a Grand Slam title, because his father won 11.

If he will keep fighting, then there are chances. Wilander also commented on the fact that on the mens side there are seven top ten players being 30 or more years older, while just one, Angelique Kerber on the womens.

Wilander believes that the high age on the ATP Tour may influence their resistance. I am always in favour of the players protection and of the ten-minute heat rule. The global warming is real, even if Donald Trump does not think so, and I am favourable to indoor courts and to the breaks.

I know its difficult for fans to sit there, but not all the players can deal with such a heat. ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title

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