Kurt Angle Discusses Rhaka Khan, Divorce From Karen Angle, His Friends, Pain Pills

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Here are some more notes from Kurt Angle’s appearance this past week on The Opie and Anthony Show.

Regarding his relationship with TNA Knockout Rhaka Khan, he said she’s “good in the sack,” has a good heart, is a good Christian, and is beautiful.

Angle talked about his divorce with Karen Angle quite a bit. He said once she got involved in TNA, the marriage went downhill.

He said Karen became an overnight star on television, and the divorce came out of nowhere, saying she texted him asking for the divorce while he was on the road. When he got home, she told him she wanted a divorce. He wanted to go to counseling, but Karen refused and she gave him divorce papers the next day. Kurt said he doesn’t know what happened but he will soon find out.

Kurt said he doesn’t care who Karen dates or what’s she’s doing these days as long as she takes care of the kids and keeps them away from her personal relationships. Kurt said he’ll be happy for her if she gets a new boyfriend or remarries.

Kurt adds Karen wishes he’d die. He said it won’t happen and Karen wanted to take his money, the kids and leave. Kurt said he’ll always be a part of his kids’ lives and if she moves to another state, he’ll move to that state and live there too. Kurt said he bought Karen a house across the street from his own home. He also said he has split from Karen on three occasions, and this was the third house he bought for her.

As far as his friends are concerned, Pat Patterson told him he’d find out how many true friends he had in the wrestling business by how many stay in touch with after you leave the company. Kurt said two months following his departure from WWE, he was down to one person who still kept in touch with him, and now it’s zero. When he was asked who the one person was, he said it was Daivari (Sheik Abdul Bashir). When Patterson told him he would find out he didn’t have any friends, he thought he was full of it, but he was right. Kurt said “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and The Rock were his friends, but both are busy doing movies nowadays. He said he’s close with Kevin Nash and Team 3D, but probably won’t stay in touch with them when he retires.

During his appearance, Angle claimed that 95% of professional wrestlers don’t use pain pills, but of the 5% that do, most get addicted and a few die from overdosing. He said he thinks the percentage of wrestlers using pain pills is the same as doctors and those in radio, but the wrestling business is the only one that gets criticized, saying most of the deaths are from the late 1980s and early 1990s when they wrestled twice a day and popped pills on a frequent basis. Kurt said 99% of those who die from pain pills are from that specific era. He said the wrestlers of today go to their hotel room and play video games.

Regarding steroid use, Angle said he doesn’t do them, but did legally use them to recover from a broken neck. Angle noted his WWE drug test failure in the summer of 2006, saying he had a prescription, but it was one month overdue. Angle claimed TNA had a drug program in place and if you fail they’ll suspend you.

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