Kurt Angle Calls Brock Lesnar A "Mental Midget" & Gives John Cena A Warning

Rajah.com reader Tyler Millwood sent along the following:

This morning Kurt Angle was a guest on a local radio show, via telephone, building up hype for the upcoming TNA Wrestling pay-per view here in South Carolina. After discussing the PPV for a few moments he was asked about his wife and said she was recovering nicely.

Briefly they discussed WWE and how they liked to over work talents such as Angle and John Cena. Angle said he told Cena that he was going to overexert himself and believes that is why so many talents are getting injured. Angle also said that when he worked for WWE that he would only get to come home about five days in a month.

Then they asked him about Brock Lesnar and Kurt surprisingly semi-complimented him by saying he was a good in ring competitor but then stated that he was a “mental midget,” claiming Lesnar could not do well under pressure. On Lesnar’s matches in MMA, Kurt predicted Lesnar would win if there was little to no pressure on him. It was a fairly short interview and unfortunately they have not posted the podcast on their site yet.

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