King Booker Leaving WWE?, Batista Infuriated, Undertaker, Michelle McCool

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

— There is a rumor going around noting that King Booker is serving a suspension, but there’s a chance he could also be sitting out in protest, since his name didn’t show up in SI’s Signature Pharmacy case. Whatever the case may, it looks like he’s going to be off television for a few weeks. Booker is said to not be happy with one of the new changes in the drug policy — which shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. He has not quit yet; however, he is unhappy and some say his heart is not in WWE all that much. Furthermore, Booker’s real-life wife Sharmell is reportedly not “married” to the business and would have no problem walking away either. She’ll stay as long as Booker stays in WWE. She wants to practice law and has been telling people that she wouldn’t mind dropping wrestling to focus on that.

— On the heels of the Signature Pharmacy scandal, Dave Batista, judging from TV, was not suspended. It should be noted that his name only appeared on and not the back-breaking article on Sports Illustrated’s website. Privately, he was telling people that this was complete garbage and he’d never been a Signature client. He even threatened a lawsuit. Furthermore, he had to push management hard to be able to post a message on his official website regarding the steroid allegations. They let him speak out, but WWE doesn’t want anyone in the company to publicly speak out on the issue after what happened with Mr. Kennedy.

— has officially added the Undertaker vs. Mark Henry match to the card at Unforgiven.

— Michelle McCool is today’s featured diva on You can see her new photoshoot at this link.

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