Julia Louis-Dreyfus Fundraises for Anti-Trump Enviro Lobby Fighting to 'Ensure There's a Planet for the Next Generation'

Left-wing actress Julia-Louis Dreyfus is urging her fans to donate money to an anti-Trump environmental lobby group that has taken the president and his administration to court 100 times in the last three years.

The Veep actress posted an online video Tuesday encouraging donations to the Natural Resources Defense Council, which has tried repeatedly to block President Donald Trump’s agenda while at the same time working closely with China, the world’s biggest polluter.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus described the NRDC as “an organization that is very near and very dear to my heart. They’re not afraid to take the president or his administration to court.”

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The NRDC announced this week that it filed its 100th lawsuit against the Trump administration in a little more than 1,000 days.

The complaint, in conjunction with a coalition of fishing and conservation groups, challenged the Interior Department’s decision to relax certain species protection rules in California’s Central Valley in order to help farmers that want to irrigate.

Julia-Louis Dreyfus praised the NRDC’s efforts to go after the Trump administration.

“They’ve been winning. They’re defending laws that will help us ensure there’s still a planet left for the next generation,” the Seinfeld actress said in the video.

The multiple Emmy-winning star is a staunch hater of President Trump. In an interview with Time magazine earlier this year, she called him a “fake president” who is a “complete moron, start to finish.”

The NRDC has faced Congressional scrutiny for its cozy relationship with China, which ranks as the world’s largest producer of greenhouse gases, according to the International Energy Agency. The NRDC’s official site features glowing articles about China and its leaders.

Last year, the House Committee on Natural Resources launched a probe into the organization’s relationship with Chinese officials. In a letter to NRDC’s then-president Rhea Suh, the committee expressed concern that the group’s close ties to Chinese officials have influenced its policies at home.

The committee also said the NRDC may have to register as a foreign agent due to its strong relationship with Beijing.

The NRDC announced last month that it named former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy as its chief executive officer. McCarthy worked at the EPA under former President Barack Obama.

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