John Cena brings 'Doctor of Thuganomics' back for WrestleMania

The Doctor of Thuganomics was back…at least for one night.

Semi-retired WWE star John Cena revived his popular character from 2002-05 at WrestleMania Sunday night, interrupting an Elias musical segment. A black and white video montage of Babe Ruth calling his shot with a voiceover ran, leading to Cena’s old “Word Life” entrance music.

The 41-year-old emerged in full throwback gear, down to a Yankees Ruth jersey, Reebok Pumps, and Word Life rings.

He then talked down Elias with a few gems:

“Silence your cell phone/hold your applause/shut your mouth and no string plucks/I feel like I’m watching one of my movies/cause this whole damn thing sucks.’
“I’m a bad man/my style’s like a pitbull bit you/You ain’t even half a dog/You just a little piece of Shih Tzu”
“They call me the golden shovel/so I’m about to bury your push/Your face looks like my nuts/Except you got a hairier bush.”

He then hit Elias with the microphone, pumped up his sneakers, hit the AA (retro FU for the night), and left.