Jim Ross Talks About Monday's Draft, A 2nd Generation Stable, Hogan Drama

Source: JRsBarBQ.com

Jim Ross is back with another blog, which you can read here in its entirety. Some highlights:

Monday’s Draft: “With a three hour Raw on tap Monday in San Antonio, one of America’s great cities, I expect major movement among the top stars on the three WWE brands. I can’t see how the WWE could make the desired impact to what is hoped to be a huge TV audience and not really shake things up. Non main event stars won’t make the impact that I suspect the WWE is seeking. It would be interesting to know the draft format but perhaps that is part of the mystique. USA Network is expecting big things Monday night and that seems to mean that some of the WWE’s biggest names will get new addresses”

A Possible “Second Generation” Stable: “I would personally like to see some of the WWE’s young wrestlers, especially the second generation ones, form an entity and see what cream rises to the top over time. Plus it would provide some new TV faces which never hurts.”

The Great Stable of All Time: “Is there a right answer when one asks the question of who is the greatest group in pro wrestling history? I think it might depend on where one lived at their height of being a wrestling fan and what TV shows said fan watched regularly. Certainly the NWO, DX, Evolution and the 4 Horsemen would get votes from many of today’s fans. In the WWE such groups as The Nation of Domination, the Corporation, The Corporate Ministry, and The Brood, among others had their moments as well. Several stars spun out of these groups to become single stars which is why it amazes me that this philosophy isn’t incorporated more on today’s Raw, Smackdown, or ECW. Smackdown’s Edge lead “Familia” is the closest thing to this concept I can think of off the to of my head.”

The Hogan Family Saga: “I have great empathy for the entire and unfortunate situation especially for the young man who was so severely injured in the car crash but for the media to bring Hulk’s divorce and personal life into this tragedy seems like piling on to me. I still think Hogan got bad advice going on the “Larry King Show” last week but that’s just one man’s opinion. I certainly would suggest that Hulk lay low and let the process play out but the same can be said for the media that wants to exploit all aspects of the Hogan family.”

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