Jim Ross Comments On His Status With WWE & The Women's Division

Jim Ross has posted an all new blog. Here are a few highlights, but you can read the entire thing here.

Marilyn- Should the WWE “give up” on women’s matches? Not in my opinion, and for the record, you just caused my pal, TV’s “Uncle Jerry” The King Lawler to faint. The Divas do sell more sizzle than steak… no pun intended… but also add to the show in the opinion of most. Obviously not you, but most.

BD- What does J.R. “mean to the higher up’s” in the WWE? I’m not sure what you are looking for with this question, but I obviously mean enough at this time to still be sitting at ringside for the company’s top TV show, episode # 730 this week, and the WWE just inducted me into the WWE Hall of Fame, so I would assume I mean something. That’s a question someone else will have to answer. I have zero issues on how things are going on my behalf, and I hope to continue to work with the WWE for years to come. I assure you that if the company did not want me around, I would not be employed there, bottom line. Trust me on that one. Plus, you can’t believe what you read sometimes about me being imminently replaced or that I will be turned out to pasture when my current contract expires, etc. No one who reports this B.S. has interviewed me nor anyone else in a decision making position in the WWE, I would strongly suspect, but are simply relying on “sources say” and the word of “insiders” who want to feel important by making assumptions and getting themselves quoted on some website. We all know what happens when we assume…. we make an ass out of u and me. I am very happy with my career and what I am doing these days. I still love going to work and when the fun ceases… I will tag out.

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