Jennifer Lopez’s 10-Year-Old Daughter Is Now Taking Business Meetings

The duo filmed an Insta story while on their way to a series of meetings (not a fancy term for playgroup—we mean literal business meetings) to shop around Emme’s idea for a children’s book.


So … J.Lo’s 10-year-old daughter is not only toying with the idea of a future career in publishing, she’s going to meetings (plural) with book publishers (plural) to shop around her artistic vision. So, unlike you, me, and every aspiring author we know, Emme isn’t just begging prospective publishers to give her a shot, she’s actually putting them in the position to fight for her and her fourth grade brainchild.

Obvious bitterness aside, go Emme! Clearly we’d expect no less of J.Lo’s child, but a book deal is major. Perhaps a future in songwriting with mom could be on the horizon … ?

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