It’s So Cold In North America This Season, That Sharks & Turtles Are Freezing To Death

The water bodies in North America have become ice-clear and the weather conditions are getting adverse. While we can hide inside our houses and keep ourselves warm, it’s too tough for the animals out in the open to take on the bitter cold weather. 

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

The arctic blast has caused the temperature to hit a record low across North America, and parts of Canada. According to the reports by the Fortune, another arctic blast is preparing to move across the border and meteorologists say that could make things miserable for quite some time.

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

According to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, the weather is so chilly that sharks and turtles in the North of the country are literally freezing to death. This week, the organization responded to three sharks that likely suffered “cold shock” in the surrounding waters.

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  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), yesterday rescued a dozen sea turtles off the coast of Galverston Island, that were in cold-shock because of the freezing temperatures. The lethargic sea turtles were found by a fisherman and taken to NOAA’s Sea Turtle Hospital to recover. “All 18 turtles were brought in for rehabilitation, where their body temperature was slowly increased prior to placement into water,” the hospital staff reported.

    Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

    Like humans, animals too have their own defence mechanisms against heat and cold. Just imagine the severity of predicament we have pushed them into, that their defences have been rendered useless. Urban density, deforestation, heat-trapping pollution and burning fossil fuels are the major culprits behind the extreme and unexpected climatic changes. In the quest for pseudo-development, we have failed to do our bit to maintain the balance in the ecosystem. The result? Other species are also bearing the brunt of our blunders. If this is not a warning that we’ve taken this way too far, we don’t know what is.


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