It’s Not Sushi, It’s Shoe-Shi – Creative Chef Turns Fish And Rice Into Desirable Sneakers

28-year-old Yujia Hu is now making people follow him on Instagram for two reasons – first, he’s bringing all the sushi love in one frame and second that he’s a damn creative person. 

This Chinese chef born in Italy is now setting Instagram on fire with his work. He takes rice and fish to turn them into the coolest sneakers in town. Folks on social media are now flocking to his account to check what’s next. 

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This shoe and food lover is giving tiny strands of black seaweed nori and smooth slips of pink fish a new avatar – nothing like anything ever seen before. 



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    From Air Jordans to Supreme slides, one can find an array of shoes on his account. And to be honest, it is not just shoes, he’s also making a variety of art using the same technique. 

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