Interactive Pub Series Standings Siren Sounded

A tip of the hat to Publicans Sarah Phillips of Medfield and Chris Crema of West Barnstable who brought attention to omissions in the men’s and women’s Pub Series point standings.

Perfect Publicans – Men’s Standings  – Women’s Standings – Schedule & info  – Irish Village Wrap-up

Chris was the collector of 21 points at Irish Village and sidles onto the leaderboard one slot above Western Mass. barrister Barry Auskern.

Sarah had 18 points at An Ras Mor but didn’t receive the 9 she should have gotten at Doyle’s and, after Irish Village ‰ÛÓ where she clanged the bell with 38 clameroos ‰ÛÓ she was totally and mysteriously obliterated.

Sarah (pictured) has now been given her due at 65 precious points and shares the 8th rung of the leaderboard with vivacious Veteran superstar Patty Foltz of Stowe, Vermont. 

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Congrats again to Chris and Sarah for hopping on this transgression early as the further we get into the Series the less active our side of the Interactive Highway becomes. Last year at the end of the Series, we got a call from a participant to mention that her father had run all 6 races but had never been listed. Hello!

Get hip now or remain square.
Perfect Publicans – Men’s Standings  – Women’s Standings – Schedule & info – Irish Village Wrap-up

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