How Much WWE Is Paying Mike Adamle, WrestleManiArt, Royal Rumble DVD Beat

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Raw announcer Mike Adamle was going to start working with J2 Strategic Communications — a media training company in Chicago — but one day after his WWE hiring was announced, he pulled out, citing other commitments including his WWE commitments. WWE is reportedly paying Mike Adamle $300,000 per year for his weekly work on Raw (talent receive additional money for working pay-per-views). That translates to about $6,000 per show. $300,000 is close to what a high-end mid-carder makes on their downside guarantee. $300,000 is also equivalent to three or four entry level WWE contracts, or giving developmental contracts to 12 wrestlers from the indy scene.

— The Royal Rumble ’08 DVD debuted on this week’s Billboard Recreational Sports DVD chart. However, the Super Bowl XLII Champions New York Giants DVD beat them out for the number one spot. You can see the complete chart at this link.

— Tickets for “WrestleManiArt,” an event showcasing original artwork created by current WWE Superstars, are now available. The event will take place in Orlando’s City Arts Factory on Wednesday, March 26. A few WWE stars will be in attendance. Click here for event details. Last week, Jerry Lawler was interviewed and said Jeff Hardy was probably going to be painting at the event. Of course, that’s off the cards now.

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