Here Are 11 Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Renting An Apartment

Getting a good room on rent is like hitting a lottery. If you get a decent place then you’re lucky, but if you don’t, you’ve got to live with it. A lot also depends on the landlord and the rapport that you share with them. They would obviously lie to you about how great their place is so that you take it, but should be smart enough to find it for yourself.

Here are eleven things to keep in mind before signing the contract

1. When you enter the house, check for mold


Do not rent an apartment, which has mold on the walls, doors and windowsills. Breathing in the environment surrounded by mold is dangerous for health as it can cause breathing problems. Thus, check for the fungus and mold properly in all the rooms, before deciding to take it.

2. Check for the number of outlets


There should be enough sockets for all your home appliances, or else you would end up making a web of extension cords in your apartment.

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  • 3. Check for proper parking space

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    If you have a car, then you have to be very particular about where you would park your car. Ask the owner, if a space is reserved on his name. If not, then ask the watchman for an open space where you can park.

    4. Always see what’s outside the window


    What can you see outside your hall, bedroom and kitchen window? Avoid renting the apartment, if you can see a pile of garbage or shops/restaurants with neon lights. Garbage stench will make you sick and the neon lights would keep you awake all night.

    5. Ask the owner how often they would inspect the place

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    The owner would always like to drop in and see how his/her apartment has been kept by the tenant. It would be a bit awkward when they drop by when you’re entertaining your friends or colleagues. Thus, ask them to inform you before they arrive, that way you could also clean the place if it’s a mess.

    6. Make sure you add the owner’s remaining property in the contract

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    Always make a list of things that are in the apartment before you move in. From fan to a geyser, add everything into the contract. Also, make sure all the items are in working condition so that you can use it. If they are damaged, inform the owner that you aren’t responsible for it.

    7. Pay attention to who lives next door

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    It’s important to know who your neighbours are. Therefore, introduce yourself the day you move in. Your owner is always in touch with your neighbours, so do be extra careful while interacting with them.

    8. Ask if pets are allowed

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    Some societies don’t allow pets. So make sure you rent a place where pets won’t be a problem.

    9. Check if the place is for sale

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    Sometimes the owner doesn’t tell you that he has put up the property on sale. When he/she gets a good ‘party’ they tell you to move out asap, which then becomes a problem for you. Therefore, put forward your concern and get things cleared.

    10. Check for water timings and connections


    In some societies, water supply is limited to certain hours in a day. Know the timings and the source of the water. If the water supply is from a truck tanker, then make sure you filter water before drinking as there are high chances of it being impure.

    11. Be clear about renovation and damages

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    Some owners don’t allow the tenants to hit the nail or do any kind of changes in their furniture. You should also mention about the damages caused to the property due to natural calamities and that you won’t be responsible for it.

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