Have Lunch With Mick Foley – Details On His Survivor Series Ultimate Package

Mick Foley is auctioning off tickets to the Survivor Series in New York City and lunch with the Hardcore Legend himself, with proceeds going to Hurricane Irene victims.

His latest blog has now been posted on RealMickFoley.com. Here’s an excerpt:

“Yes, I am setting up a pretty decent auction, with 100% (minus mailing costs) going to help out Vermonters suffering in the wake of flooding caused by Hurricane Irene. This might not be my very best stuff, like the Cactus Jack leopard boots and Hell in a Cell shirt, since that type of auction reminds me of Daffy Duck playing the harp, having emerged the victor in the big bump contest with Bugs Bunny – acknowledging Bugs’s accolades; sadly saying “I know, I know, but I can only do it once” on his way up to heaven. Still, this is going to be a good auction; it’s going to raise some money for some people who really need it, and it’s going to show the wrestling community in a favorable light – which is always important to me. With the exception of a couple of big items, like the Survivor Series vacation package, most of these items should come in under the $100 mark, making them a possibility for far more fans. Wait, check that – the historic Foley Juggalos ICP jersey I wore for this past Gathering might bring in some serious cash. One might have to be a Big Money Hustla just to get his/her hands on it! Yeah, I know, that was weak.”

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