Girl Carries Disabled Friend In Her Arms To Help Her Get To The Examination Hall On Time

In the hi-tech world, we are living in today, young students appearing for exams have more than just one way of preparing and reassuring themselves that they will succeed. They bury their heads in heaps and heaps of books, notes and old question papers. But that’s just normal students for you.


Specially-abled children have to deal with a far bigger set of challenges before they make it to their examination hall. While blind students look for children who can assist them in writing, those who suffer from paraplegia look for people who can trolly them to the hall.

Balod, a town on the bank of river Tandula in Chattisgarh, saw something that seemed unbelievable. Khushboo Nirmalkar, a student attempting class Xth board exam this year had to suffer a lot before she could reach her examination hall. 


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  • But her friend knew just what to do, so, she carried Khushboo in her arms, all the way to the examination hall. The girl, whose name is yet to be disclosed didn’t blink twice, before she helped her friend get to her exam in time. Her act has inspired many people in the school to help their specially-abled friends.

    They say a friend in need is a friend indeed, and it’s amazing what this young girl has done for her friend. When we see and hear about someone suffering from disability succeeding in life, all we see is a person and not their struggles. Children like Khushboo have to jump double the number of hurdles you and I have to.

    Now that’s what we call friendship.


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