'From Maria Sharapova you expect to win every match' – Selivanenko

In an interview to Championat the Russian Tennis Federation Vice-President Alexey Selivanenko commented on Maria Sharapovas Australian Open campaign so far. Sharapova defeated Harriet Dart and Rebecca Peterson in straight sets and she will face Caroline Wozniacki next on Friday.

On Wednesday Sharapova showed her best tennis, Selivanenko said speaking of Sharapova defeating Peterson. Of course, we need to keep in mind that her opponent didnt manage to put a fight in place. Masha did not make mistakes, which is very good.

She is earning her shape over the tournament and its fantastic that she had this kind of rivals. In the previous matches, since the beginning Masha did not give any chance to her opponents. She can do everything, now she needs to show her best tennis depending on her condition.

In the past tournaments she had some deals with it. From Sharapova you always expect a win in every match. There is nothing that does not allow Masha to win a tournament. Wozniacki is a very strong opponent, but Sharapova knows how to play against her.

Their last match happened more than three years ago, and its clear that during this time she had some changes both in her career and life, but at this level you pay less attention on the game of the past. Caroline defends her title and Masha wants to win it again.

It will be interesting. Sharapova will comeback to Europe after the Australian Open to play in St. Petersburg in front of her fans.

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