French Car Company Peugeot To Enter Market With These Make In India Cars Starting At Rs 5 Lakh!

French car maker Peugeot, that had recently bought the Hindustan Motor’s Ambassador brand, is all set to enter the tough Indian market once more. It first came to India back in the 1990s with the 309 notchback. Then, it made a second attempt in 2011, but had to abandon its plans.

Now, hoping it is lucky in the third attempt, Peugeot is firming up its India plans. Here’s what it has in mind.


Like its French brethren Renault, Peugeot plans to make cars for India, in India.

According to Economic Times, the company is working on a ‘Smart’ series of cars designed especially for the Indian market.

The first will be a SUV-inspired premium hatchback in the Maruti Suzuki Swift segment which means it should be priced at around Rs 5-6 lakh. The car is expected to be launched in 2020. The second product will be a small SUV, the size of Renault Duster. Company’s third Make-In-India product will be a sedan that will compete with the likes of Honda City.

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    Peugeot doesn’t aim to compete in the high-price sensitive entry level segment, rather aims to attract buyers who are looking to upgrade. The car that the company will make in India, will also likely be exported to other emerging markets. The car will in all probability be made at CK Birla Group’s Chennai plant.


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