Former Nitro Girl Responds To Scott Steiner's Rants, Discusses Sex In Wrestling

Show: The Interactive Interview courtesy of
Guest: Nitro Girl Spice
Date: 8/4/10
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley, James Walsh, & Nick Noel

The Nitro Girls burst, or shimmied, onto the scene in the summer of 1997. This bold move for World Championship Wrestling added a new element to the fast rising Monday Nitro broadcast. The group of dancing girls quickly became a big part of the WCW fan experience and thus became superstars in their own right.

This weekend at the NWA Legends Fan Fest in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Nitro Girls ride again as original members Tygress, Fyre, and tonight’s guest Spice reunite to meet the fans some 13 years after their inception into our great sport.

Spice has done very few interviews. But, our goal is to bring you the best interviews that we know how. We invite you to listen to this interview at and hear what we have to offer. We have over 350 other interviews to listen to, free of charge, right now as well. And, a store with some amazing wrestling merchandise. So, please check us out!


– Spice joins the show at 11 p.m. and apologizes. She was training a new fitness crew at a location she is soon to open in Alabama and forgot the time difference. James and Patrick joked that they feared she would be the female version of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper to the show… A guest that has been booked a number of times and somehow never actually ended up doing the show. Spice laughed and apologized.

– Spice is still heavily involved in fitness. She owns a series of spas and a production company which she remains heavily involved in. She auditioned an idea through the Oprah Winfrey show to be a part of Oprah’s new broadcast. She tallied up a respectable 13,000 votes but not enough to be in the running to have the show picked up. Ironically, Diamond Dallas Page was also a part of that competition. They tried to help each other get votes by promoting their videos on each other’s social networking pages. Spice says that DDP and her idea are very much alike. She feels that the exposure with the Oprah contest helped her show idea get attention and some things are now in the works. The show, by the way, is a fitness show with a twist.

– Despite going out in front of over 16,000 screaming fans at the O Arena in Orlando as her first appearance for WCW, Spice wasn’t stunned by the crowd. She had danced at the 1996 Olympic opening ceremonies in Atlanta, GA in front of 100,000 people including President Clinton. So, the amount of people watching didn’t really phase her. She did, however, put over the loyalty of the wrestling fans.

– Spice put over Miss Elizabeth, Madusa, and Jacqueline as icons of our business and said it was a honor to work with them.

– When asked how the reaction was to the Nitro Girls getting TV time when the WCW roster was, at that point, overloaded, she says that they were there to help WCW with the famale aspect. James mentions that at the time that the Nitro Girls came out, the WWE was heavily using Sunny and Sable. Spice said that is partially why they were brought in, to try and make sure that the show had that element to it. But, Spice was proud that the Nitro Girls didn’t come out in thongs and such and felt that it was something that the frat boys could enjoy but the parents didn’t have to worry about either. Spice also mentions that a lot of women also liked the Nitro Girls more than the singular valet role which WCW was trying to get away from because the Nitro Girls were somehow less threatening for their boyfriends to watch.

– Spice feels hindsight is always 20-20 as it concerns herself and others becoming more involved with the storylines. She feels they did what was asked and tried to make the best of it.

– The Nitro Girls Swimsuit Video was something she was extremely proud of… Before Turner officials insisted they scrap the one that was made and do another one where they had a lot more “girl on girl” action. She has nothing against the “girl on girl” stuff but it wasn’t them and was done to try to sell units, she says. She said a few years ago she did an appearance in Atlanta and someone had the video playing and she was embarrassed. James mentioned that she, in particular, did a “able dance in a thong. Spice kind of groans and says that wasn’t her and wasn’t what the piece was to be. She feels Turner shot down the original because they wanted more T & A.

– The original Nitro Girls video was tasteful. It was co-hosted by Riki Rachtman and still had the swimsuits and so forth but was presented in a way she was proud of. She wasn’t nearly as proud of what ultimately left the cutting room floor and hit video shelves.

– As an 80’s metal head, James is forced to ask about Headbangers Ball host Riki Rachtman. Rachtman was around the Nitro Girls so much that they gave him a Nitro Girls name, “Bitter” was the name. She loves Riki and says they spent many mornings finding ways to bring about world peace over a cup of coffee.

– Diversity 5 was to be the next generation of the Spice Girls. She said that the original line up was herself, Chae, Tygress, Fyre, and Storm (Sharmell). Sharmell, as we all know, is Booker T’s wife and ultimately joined up with Booker in the WWE. Also a former Nitro Girl, Chikita, took her place. Chikita was the best singer of the group.

– The plan was to have the group capitalize on their WCW popularity and take that into the music business. Ultimately, the fact that the record industry was changing both in musical styles as well as in how it was promoted (IPods, ITunes, etc) was the beginning of the end. And, at the end of the day, it wasn’t any of their dreams to be pop stars. They were approached to do it and while they wanted to do it, it wasn’t their primary goal.

– Spice says she can sing like Britney Spears… She can sell a song and carry a tune but she can’t do anything crazy vocally.

– Spice hasn’t been with the original Nitro Girls group since Christmas of 2009. She is looking forward to meeting the fans and promises they’ll have a lot of cool stuff available to the fans including rare swag and so forth. She will be paired up with Fyre and Tygress. Chae canceled as she is expecting her second child and is 7 months pregnant. She didn’t think the wrestling fans would want to see her heavily pregnant.

– Word association: Scott Steiner. Spice says that is a tough one. She thinks Scott takes shots at the Nitro Girls because it is his persona to be the “bad boy” and he was always that way. She also feels people tear down others to build themselves up. And, by saying controversial things, Scott ensures attention on himself. She doesn’t say anything negative about Steiner, though.

– Spice invites fans to keep up with her on Facebook. Her real name is Melissa Grill Peterson. She asks fans to put a little note that they are Spice fans or what have you if they friend request her so she knows to add them.

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