Flair Meets With Vince McMahon: It Didn't Go Well

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

We’ve got a major update on Flair’s WWE status and it’s not looking good. We reported here that Flair quit WWE several weeks back out of frustration that his character was being burried on television.

Flair meet with Vince McMahon at WWE headquarters on September 20th to work things out. Sources say that meeting didn’t go too well. McMahon was not pleased when Ric Flair showed up to the meeting with his lawyers.

When Ric Flair began making demands about how he expects to be portrayed on television, McMahon reminded the Flair he still owes Vince a lot of money. Vince reportedly gave Flair a loan to repay money he owed the IRS.

The meeting actually resulted in the two parties being farther apart. RAW writer Brian Gewirtz is very against pushing Flair and feels it is a bad idea to put a retiring superstar over at the expense of WWE’s top young stars.

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