Fandango Interview: What Inspired His Character, His Travel Partners, WM, more reader Reyan Ali of the Hartford Advocate recently conducted an in-depth interview of WWE superstar Fandango last week. Here are some excerpts:

Correct me if I’m wrong: One of the main sources that got you into wrestling as a child was World Championship Wrestling, right?

Yeah, I was a huge WCW fan. I was a huge fan of the lucha libre, the lightweight division, the Cruiserweights. Juventud Guerrera, at the time Chris Jericho but we all know how that worked out, Chavo Guerrero, Dean Malenko, the whole Cruiserweight division.

Was there any one match, feud or wrestler in particular that caught your eye in the first place to get you hooked on it?

I think for me obviously, being 14, 15 in 1997, ’98 was a great time because that’s when the Monday Night Wars were really starting to get really hot. At 14, 15, as a young man, you’re really into the NWO and you’re switching over to USA to see the New Age Outlaws and Stone Cold and stuff like that. For me, though, like you just mentioned, I was really into the high flying. The Rey Mysterio and Dean Malenko matches really hooked me into WCW. On the other side, it was more the story lines that got me into the WWF or WWE.

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