Every Dog In This NJ Shelter Got A Foster Home For Holidays

HUDSON COUNTY, NJ — A heartwarming holiday miracle took place at a North Jersey animal shelter this week, just in time for Christmas.

The Liberty Humane Society (LHS), which is based in Jersey City and also services Hoboken, shared a video of an “empty kennel” on Dec. 24. Even better than the sight of the completely vacant kennel was the tale of how it happened.

According to LHS, the shelter’s network of foster guardians pitched in to provide a temporary home for every single dog in the facility for the holiday season. This way, no pooch would have to spend Christmas alone.

LHS staff wrote:

“A huge thanks goes out to all of our holiday fosters who have graciously opened up their warm homes, beds, couches and cookie jars to our dog kennel residents during the holiday season. An empty kennel is a glorious sight as it means these pups are all getting a break from the shelter and get to have a cozy, warm winter recess! Happy holidays and may your days be as warm as inviting as these kind hearts have allowed it for our dogs!”

LHS staff added an extra note of thanks on Dec. 25:

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“A very Merry Christmas to all of our adopters, fosters, volunteers, and donors! We are very grateful to have all our adoptable pups in a warm home for Christmas.”

One of the guardians wrote that watching the new foster on the holidays was a “beautiful sight.”

“How do I sign up to do this?” another commenter asked. (For more information on the LHS foster program, click here. You can learn about how to permanently adopt a dog here).

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