Eve Torres Visits NXT & Lance Storm Blogs About Training NXT Students

– NXT trainer Bill DeMott noted on Twitter that former WWE Diva Eve Torres was at NXT working with the developmental Divas earlier this week.

– ECW original Lance Storm has published a new blog at StormWrestling.com talking about his recent visit to WWE developmental:

“Many people have asked how the guest training gig came about and there really isn’t that much too it. I keep in touch with many people within WWE, and maintain a good relationship with the company. I was once the head trainer for their developmental program when it was based in OVW, I have a few SWA grads in their developmental program, so it just seemed like a natural fit, so when the opportunity came I jumped at it. It was a chance for me to pass on a bit of my knowledge to the newest batch of developmental talent as well as keep abreast of how WWE is doing things and what they are looking for in future talent. It is a win win situation if there ever was one.”

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