Eric Bischoff to induct DDP into WWE Hall of Fame

Following yesterday’s announcement of Jim Cornette inducting the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express into the Hall of Fame, WWE revealed on Tuesday afternoon that Eric Bischoff would be doing the honors for Diamond Dallas Page.

Bischoff and DDP have been longtime friends, working together in the AWA and again when Bischoff was in control of WCW.

“I’m honored,” Bischoff said about inducting Page. “It puts a smile on my face because I know how much it means to him. This is the Holy Grail for him.”

“His journey [in life] is similar to his journey in the ring,” Bischoff said. “DDP was the common guy, the everyman, a blue-collar guy from New Jersey. He represented something that the average person could believe in, in a way that was a little unique. [People thought] ‘That could be me. If I could just get that break, work a little harder, I could be that guy.’ That’s a very inspirational quality to have.”

WWE hasn’t yet confirmed who will be inducting Beth Phoenix, but all other members of the company’s 2017 Hall of Fame class are accounted for.

John Cena will be doing the honors for Kurt Angle, Cornette will induct Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson, John “Bradshaw” Layfield & Ron Simmons will induct Teddy Long, and Ricky Steamboat will induct Rick Rude at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida on March 31st.