Elias Says He Needs a Feud with a Legend

RAW Superstar Elias says the heel character he’s developed needs a feud with a legend. In speaking with Busted Open Radio, Elias says the main roster is full of wrestlers, but he’s a character worthy of a legend because none of his contemporaries get him on his level. Here’s the quote from his appearance on Busted Open: 
“It’s going to sound kind of crazy, but Elias is such a character in a day and age where I feel like we’ve got a lot of wrestlers,” said Elias. “I’m not saying one thing’s better than the other, but for me, I think a big character, like a John Cena — a feud with John Cena would be fantastic. A feud with The Undertaker would be fantastic. I know I’m putting myself in the realm of these guys, who obviously have this legendary status. But that is the thing I need. On the main roster right now, I’m not sure there’s anybody that gets me at that level.”
Elias interrupted Cena last year at WrestleMania and was quickly dispatched by Mr. Hustle, Loyalty and Respect. The Drifter is only being included so far on the card at WrestleMania this weekend as a musical performer, so you can’t blame him for trying to get a noteworthy match. He needs a boost at this point because he’s known more for bashing others with a guitar than getting in the ring and dominating.