Direct Actions Across Canada Declare: 'Time to Move on' from Tar Sands

Creative direct actions are taking place across Canada on Saturday, in a nationwide mobilization meant to demonstrate that Canadians “care about their communities, and that we are ready to stop digging, start building and move beyond the tar sands.”

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The ‘We > Tar Sands’ rallies and events are coming in advance of a major March for Jobs, Justice, and the Climate happening in Toronto on Sunday, and on the heels of a series of student-led sit-ins that swept the country on Friday.

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Taken together, the actions represent “the first steps towards a new kind of climate movement,” as eco-activist and anti-capitalist Naomi Klein put it.

The July 4th coast-to-coast mobilizations, which range from the creation of a giant human chain on the sea wall at Vancouver’s Sunset Beach to a flotilla protest on the Ottawa River just outside Montreal to a free concert in Edmonton, the capital of tar sands-rich Alberta, are being supported by—which is providing live updates on the events here.