Delhi Artist With Tattooed Eyeballs Won’t Stop Until He’s ‘The First Indian To Be Fully Inked’

So do you also wish to get a tattoo done but are scared of the needle or waiting to get that one unique idea to get inked? Well, if this is the thing then you should surely read this. 

This Delhi based tattoo artist and piercer, Karan is making us fall in love with the art of tattoo making all over again. He is the first person to get his eyeballs tattooed. Yes, you read it right. He is the first man to have got a sclera tattoo.

In an exclusive interview with Indiatimes, Karan told us that he has started getting tattoos since he was 13-years-old. “I am working on a full body suit and it will be completed soon.”

On asking him to elaborate on what a full body suit he, the tattoo artist said that eventually, he will have just one tattoo-head to finger and toe tips. He said, ” I have been getting inked since six months (every month three-four full days) on a full body suit that will be completed soon. Full body suit means eventually I will have just one tattoo- head to finger and toes.”

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  • “My full body suit where I will be inked at every single body part. You name it – I will have ink on my skin there. You read it correctly. I will reveal my nude photoshoot with fully inked first Indian body soon.

    He also said, “I have 22 piercings right now most of them I did myself on me[sic]. I love it since I was a kid, it’s my passion & profession.”

    When we asked him about his sclera tattoo and what inspired him to do it, he said, “

    It’s about reaching the pinnacle of your field and keep going. Eye tattoo is the topmost high end body modification anyone can get. For Many it’s unimaginable. That’s right because only a few hundreds have in the world and only one in India which is Tattoographer Karan. I have been challenging and conquering pain by getting 12 hours continuous long tattoo sessions by 3 artists working at same time on my body. I can absorb any amount of pain of any sort. Just like any human body can do if they don’t have fear in their mind. Nothing can hurt me and I could tolerate it. 

    It’s like a red hot needle penetrating in your eyeball to inject ink. You can imagine how it might feel when that procedure takes hours and two separate sessions on different days.”

    “I feel contented, I was aiming to get it from 6 months – I worked day and night to collect money, waited & imagined myself every single minute. Now I have achieved it. I am confident & satisfied because I know I have the ability to make my visions a reality like I always have and always will,” Karan told us. 

    The tattoo artist gave us a surprising reply when asked about one tattoo artist he idealise. He said, “There is a dream tattoo artist I idealise. I was idealising my current self 2 years back and I idealise my future self-being. If I idealise someone else – I’d try to become like him or her where I can be the best version of myself. My future self-being is my inspiration. I am a visionary and I bring my vision in reality just like achieving the eyeballs inked & becoming the first ever in Indian history to do it.”

    The tattoo artist expressed his love for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said, “I’ve always related myself with Modi Ji since he used to serve tea and today he is serving the nation. I used to work as a server for 300 rupees per night- Now I serve people by giving them permanent art on their skin for life to cherish. I’d like to ink something like Jai Hind on Modi ji’s fist.”

    Well, so now you know where to go in case if you want a tattoo done.


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