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MLW Fusion results: Lawlor vs. Samael, Austin Aries in action
NJPW Southern Showdown Sydney results: Robbie Eagles joins CHAOS
WWE Main Event results: Dana Brooke gets her revenge
Hangman Page vs. Kip Sabian set for AEW Fight for the Fallen
NXT Venice, FL, live results: Chelsea Green returns to the ring
Title change at post-Best in the World ROH TV tapings

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WOL: Fyter Fest fallout, positives and negatives, Bischoff and Heyman, more! 6/30
DragonKing Dark: Oddities of Connecticut 6/30
WOR: AEW Fyter Fest, New Japan Australia, UFC on ESPN, tons more! 6/30

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Brandi Lauren vs. Natalia Markova
Curt Stallion vs. Sean Maluta
Josh Briggs vs. Brandon Taggart
Eddie Kingston & Joe Gacy vs. AR Fox & Leon Ruff vs. John Silver & Alex Reynolds vs. winner of the opener on Saturday in a four-way non-title match
Anthony Henry vs. Arturo Ruas
Tyler Breeze vs. Anthony Greene
JD Drake vs. Babatunde for WWN title
Austin Theory vs. Roderick Strong non-title

Raw is Monday in Dallas with Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley in a falls count anywhere match and New Day vs. Viking Raiders.

Smackdown and 205 Live are Tuesday in San Antonio. 

F4W NEWSLETTER: Figure Four Weekly: Recapping WWE Stomping Grounds

After a lack of interest heading into the pay-per-view, Stomping Grounds was a show that exceeded expectations.

Given that there weren’t really any surprises at the PPV, that’s probably mostly due to expectations being set too low. Nothing on the show was dramatically better than it should have been. The PPV succeeded where most good WWE shows do. Even if the build was underwhelming, a talented roster was able to go out to the ring and have good matches throughout much of the card.

WON NEWSLETTER: July 1, 2019 Observer Newsletter: Paul Heyman & Eric Bischoff hired as WWE Executive Directors

A look at the WWE’s move to bring in Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff is the lead story in this week’s issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.  The story talks about what led to the moves, the questions about the moves that aren’t answered, the Heyman-McMahon history, the Bischoff decision, and how Wall Street and AEW fit into this equation.

We also look at the end of the political career of Antonio Inoki, a look at plans for Extreme Rules, business notes on ticket sales for the summer’s biggest events, the business this past week of WWE, the reaction to Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin, full coverage of Stomping Grounds with match-by-match rundowns, star ratings and poll results.

We also look at the retirement of Riki Choshu, a look back at his heyday, his awards, his as a headliner and booker and as a creator as well as his retirement mach.

We also look at the July 13 night of wrestling that will be loaded as far as different offerings go, with ESPN+, AXS, WWE Network and B/R Live all offering shows at the same time.  We look at how and why this happened.

We also look at changes to WWE television, why the Rollins vs. Bryan match went like it did, and what the internal feeling is about the changes.  We also look at the rounds system, 24/7 title news, declines in Raw viewership over the past year in different demos, new WWE signings, WWE injury updates, Noam Dar talks Adrian McCallum, Lio Rush update, WWE canceling shows and why, television industry exec talks wrestling and television landscape and how the mentality of TV has changed, WWE name changes, first Smackdown on FOX news updates and the market value of WWE.

We also look at all the NXT and WWE main roster events over the past week with match results, highlights and other business notes.

We’ve got full coverage of this past week’s UFC show with business notes.

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The only thing in combat sports that made the Google search list was Francis Ngannou at No. 13 at 50,000.  The UFC show itself had 50,000 searches which is so-so to me for an ESPN show, especially with a strong top few matches.  No early ratings info and ESPN, when numbers have been strong, has sent out overnights in press releases for its boxing and UFC shows.  AEW and ROH did not crack the list.  ROH wasn’t going to.  AEW did so strongly for the PPV that I thought there was a chance they would here.
Tony Khan did a long media scrum.  It was noted that the chair was gimmicked but something went wrong.  Cody seems to be fine although he needed some staples but he didn’t have a concussion. I don’t expect you’ll see chair shots to the head going forward in AEW.  The Alex Jebailey stuff will be a once-a-year thing at Fyter Fest.  He also noted that the heavy violence like in the Jon Moxley vs. Joey Janela match will happen at times on PPV, but not on TNT.
Alex Shelley returned to ROH last night.
The first-ever singles match with Dragon Lee vs. Laredo Kid takes place this coming Friday at the All Pro Wrestling/Pro Wrestling Revolution King of Indies show in Daly City, CA.  I so wish I was going to be there, but I’ve got interviews scheduled with NJPW stars that day in Dallas.
In their first match in about 20 years, even though people have tried to make this in MMA not too many years ago, with Ken Shamrock vs. Dan Severn will take place at the end of August for BCW in Australia.  Masashi Takeda  will also be in Australia on 8/30 and 8/31.

Rey Mysterio talked to the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling about his return: “I suffered a recent injury at “Money in the Bank” versus Samoa Joe. Unfortunate for me because it was a big step moving forward and especially at this stage in my career at being able to capture one of the last titles that was set on my bucket list (The United States Championship) and again very important that I had a separated left shoulder and that put me out of circulation and I’ve been out four weeks now. The separation and bruised AC joint which the Doctor had predicted anywhere from four to six weeks and of course four weeks closed out from my injury and my recovery is about 80% as we speak so I am hoping that in the next two weeks I can gain that other thirty that I have left and be back in the ring by the month of July.”
A story on referee Charles Robinson being robbed in the Charlotte Observer (thanks to Christopher Cruise)



The New York Post reported Ashley Massaro was set to appear in a suicide prevention video shortly before she committed suicide.
AAW from Friday night in Merrionette Park, IL before 450 fans:  Ace Romero & Paco Gonzalez b Ace Austin & Clayton Gainz, Kris Statlander b Priscilla Kelly, Jake Something b Trey Miguel to keep Heritage title, Jacob Fatu b Kongo Kong, Jimmy Jacobs b Mance Warner in a loser leaves town match, Josh Briggs b Nate Webb, Myron Reed b Curt Stallion, Sami Callihan b Ace Romero to keep AAW title, LAX kept AAW title in three-way over Besties in the World and Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz.  Next show is 7/13 in  Milwaukee at Turners Hall Ballroom with Jessicka Havok vs. Taya Valkyrie for the women’s title and John Morrison vs. Juventud Guerrera.
Pro Wrestling Eve from Friday in Brighton,UK:  Jinny & Mercedes Blaze b Kay Lee Ray & Viper, Su Yung b Erin Angel, Jordynne Grace & Nina Samuels b Rebel Kinney & Laura Di Matteo, Night Shade b Session Moth Martina, Mayu Iwatani & Arisa Hoshiki b Kagetsu & Jamie Hayter-DQ, Utami Hayashishita b Yuu (thanks to Shannon Walsh and wrestlingwithdemons.net) 
Pro Wrestlnig Eve from Saturday in London:  Yuu won three-way over Jordynne Grace and Night Shade, Charli Evans b Jetta, Arisa Hoshiki b Laura Di Matteo, Nina Samuels b Erin Angel, Utami Hayashishita & Viper b Kagetsu & Jamie Hayter, Kay Lee Ray won four-way over Su Yung, Mayu Iwatani and Millie McKenzie
Charlie Morgan announced her retirement today at the Pro Wrestling Eve show at York Hall due to injuries at the age of 27. (CORRECTION: This originally incorrectly stated that Charli Evans announced her retirement. It was Charlie Morgan who retired.)
Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling from last night in Belleville, IL:  Onslaught b Tony Chini, Billy McNeil b Jake Prater, Sean Vincent & Khayman b Sawn Santel & Mauler McDarby, Val Venis b Beastman, Malia Hosaka b Thunderkitty LaFleur, Tony Atlas & Bob Orton (managed by Baron Von Raschke) b Big Texan & Frankie D-DQ, Mecha Mercenary b Nick King, Gary Jackson & Gil Rogers b Cutis Wylde & Kowalski, Ricky Cruz & Flash Flanagan b Christopher Hargas & Damion Cortess, Attila Khan b Tommy Dreamer in an extreme rules match with Road Warrior Animal as ringside enforcer (thanks to Patrick Brandmeyer)
Pro Wrestling Phoenix from Friday in Omaha with a seines of three sessions at the Omaha Comic Con
Morning show:  Con Artiest & Purple b Zac James & Xander McIntosh, Jack Darling b Kenny Jones, Chris Havius b JD Parker, Brett Bishop b Joey Daniels
Afternoon show:  Joey Daniels b Purple, Jack Darling & Kenny Jones & JD Parker b Preston Maxwell & Zac James & Xander McIntosh, Brett Bishop b Con Artiest
Evening show:  Purple b JD Parker, Jack Darling b Chris Havius, Branden Juarez & Kenny Jones b Preston Maxwell & Joey Daniels, Brett Bishop b Xander McIntosh, Con Artiest b Willy Sweet.

Pro Wrestling Phoenix from yesterday in Omaha at the Comic Con
Morning show:  Purple b Santos Barbosa, Jimmy Wylde won three-way over Taven Whisper and JD Parker, Seto Kobara b Kenny Jones, Con Artiest b Joey Daniels, Brett Bishop b Pat Powers
Afternoon show:  Pat Powers b Taven Whisper, Preston Maxwell b Jimmy Wylde, Brett Bishop won three-way over JD Parker and Kenny Jones, Con Artiest & Purple b Seto Kobara & Santos Barbosa, Branden Juarez b Joey Daniels
Evening show:  JD Parker b Santos Barbosa, Jimmy Wylde won four-way over Willy Sweet, Taven Whisper and Seto Kobara, Con Artiest won ladder match over Joey Daniels, Brett Bishop, Purple, Chris Havius, Branden Juarez, Preston Maxwell and Pat Powers

Northeast Wrestling on 7/19 in Monroeville, PA has Iron City homecoming at Pro Sports Monroeville as a benefit for the Bruno & Carol  Sammartino Foundation.  Among those appearing are Christy Hemme, Billy Gunn, Corey Graves, Jerry Lawler, Funaki, Darby Allin, Brian Pillman Jr. and Sam Adonis.
Innovate Wrestling Fire on the Mountain on 8/10 in Kingsport, TN at the Civic Auditorium featuring The Boys, now known as The Tate Twins.
Former JCP star Rocky King needs a kidney.  For more information on helping out a former star you can contact Robert Semier at 917-742-0428. 
RevPro from yesterday in Manchester, UK:  Gabriel Kidd & Kenneth Halfpenny & Shaun Jackson b Brendan White & Clark Connors & Karl Fredericks, Dan Magee b Hikuleo, Seleziya Sparx b Gisele Shaw, Shingo Takagi b Michael Oku, Josh Bodom & Sha Samuels won British tag title in four-way over Aussie Open, Bushi & Evil and A-Kid & Carlos Romo, Tetsuya Naito b MK McKinnan, Zack Sabre Jr. b Sanada to keep the British heavyweight title (thanks to Paul Sosnowski and Chris Kean)
Sabre said he was going to win G-1, but that he would cash in his title shot at Royal Quest on 8/31 in London and not at the Tokyo Dome.
Shine from yesterday in Woodside, NY:  Delmi Exo & Ashley Vox b Gabby Gilbert & Dementia D’Rose, Allie Recks b Naughby, Marti Belle b Madi Maxx, Natalia Markova b Avery Taylor, Brandi Lauren b Rosa Negra, Shotzi Blackheart b Aja Perera, Mercedes Martinez b Allysin Kay-DQ
TJP is working for PWR in October in Manila.
BCW from yesterday in Sydney, Australia:  Cody Swift b Sean Preston, Jonathan Preston b Vinnie Vain, Bee Boy b Gabriel Wolfe, Cody Swaft b DCT, Jonathan Preston b Bee Boy, Cody Swift b Jonathan Preston, Niki Nitro b Jasmin Vittora, Mortar b Taya Valkyrie-DQ, Carlo Cannon & Ken Shamrock b Generation Zero & John Morrison & Taya Valkyrie to keep tag titles.
BCW from Friday in Melbourne:  Cody Swift b Lucius Wolfe, Sean Preston b Darcy Moss, DCT b Kaz Jordan, Nick Bury d Mitch Waterman, Vinnie Vain b Sketch, Jonathan Preston b Sullivan Husk, Bee Boy b Vance Adams, Gabriel Wolfe b Jesse Hendy, Ken Shamrock & Carlo Cannon b Michael Morleone & Zenith, Mortar NC Taya Valkyrie in a match with the BCW women’s title vs. Impact women’s title, John Morrison won three-way over Cletus and Mick Moretti, Mad Dog won three-way over Mick Moretti and Big Cuz
SPW/MCW on 7/13 in Invercargil, New Zealand has Markus Kool vs. Slex. (thanks to Kevin Chiat)
CWE from Friday night in Winnipeg:  Mercenary b Buck Gunderson, Gabriell Lestat b Vinnie DaVinci, Alix Zwicker b The System, Sam Davidson & Brian Rich won  four-way over AJ Sanchez & Kevin O’Doyle, Beri Grayson & Fuego del Sol and Tyler James & Dragneel, Bobby Schink b  Graham Bell, Adam Race b Danny Duggan-DQ, Michael Elgin b Adam Knight, Rob Stardom b Jastin Taylor, Kevin Cannon b Vance Nevada in a loser leaves Manitoba match, Kevy Chevy b Roy Gordon, Lanny Poffo & Bobby Jay b Tod Bullet & Scott Ripley.  Next show is the Super Jobbers Cup on 8/30 in Winnipeg at Rookie’s Sports Bar.
CWE from yesterday in Morden, Manitoba:  Jude Dawkins b Dragneel, Vinnie Valiant NC Brian Rich, Danny Duggan b Shaun Martens, Mentallo b Buck Gunderson, Alix Zwicker b Zoe Sager, Lanny Poffo & Sam Davidson b Gabriel Lestat & Jay Walker.  Next show is 11/28.
The Economist writes about steroid usage (thanks to Christopher Cruise)

Daily Pro Wrestling History: CM Punk wins World Heavyweight title


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