Czestochowa almost lost with Warszawa

Czestochowa had problems with Warszawa at home. Big match in Kedzierzyn won easy Belchatow. Rzeszow beat Bydgoszcz in three sets.




AZS Czestochowa – AZS Warszawa 3-2 (14:25, 21:25, 25:17, 25:21, 15:10)
MVP: Bartosz Janeczek

The first match was also the longest match of this weekend. Although Czestochowa is higher in ranking, first two sets were the negation of this situation. Warszawa destroyed their rival confidently. When it looked like the third set will only finish this execution, Czestochowa started to play better. They were really determined and Warszawa made several mistakes. Finally, there was a tie break, when Czestochowa got a big leading (4:1). Good service of the hosts let them keep the distance and they won this part 15:10.

Zaksa Kedzierzyn Kozle – PGE Skra Belchatow 0-3 (26:28, 19:25, 14:25)
MVP: Mariusz Wlazly

It was not a lucky day for Zaksa. They were close to victory only in the first set, when they had a set balls, but finally Skra won 28:26. There is not much to say about the rest of this game. Zaksa was totally dominated by polish champions. They made a pressure by their strong service (especially Wlazly) and Kedzierzyn was not able to meet the challenge. The last set was just a formality. Skra was leading 7:1 and nothing could stop them.

Asseco Resovia Rzeszow – Delecta Bydgoszcz 3-0 (25:22, 26:24, 25:19)
MVP: Matej Cernic

This game lasted just over an hour. Delecta is decimated by injuries, so they cannot use their all power. It was a pretty good match of Grzegorz Szymanski (who scored 16 points), but it did not help Delecta to win. The attack of Resovia was well balanced. The best scorer was Grozer (16 points), but the MVP title went to Italian player, Cernic. Resovia is preparing to CEV Cup. They were satisfied to win that game quickly.

Fart Kielce – AZS Olsztyn 0-3 (18:25, 19:25, 20:25)
MVP: Piotr Hain

It was a kind of suprise, that the last team of PlusLiga won 3:0 with Fart, which is placed on the 7th position. But AZS was strongly motivated and they won really quickly. The best scorer in Fart Kielce was Xavier Kapfer (9 points) and in AZS – Marcel Gromadowski (16 points).

Pamapol Wieluń – Jastrzebski Wegiel 1-3 (20:25, 17:25, 25:16, 16:25)
MVP: Grzegorz Pajak

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First setter of Jastrzebie, Grzegorz Lomacz got injured, so Pajak was on the court from the beginning. Furthermore, he played a great game. Not only did he lead his team to the victory for three points, but also he got 5 points, which is not frequent to his position. It was the match of short sets. Only in the second set Jastrzebie lost, but then guests won two times 25:16. Jastrzebie is certainly encouraged by a good game in the Champions League, when they got into group of the best 6 teams.

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