Cop charged in murder-for-hire plot under investigation for alleged child abuse

The NYPD cop accused of trying to have her estranged husband killed in a murder-for-hire plot is under investigation for alleged child abuse, lawyers said in court — where she appeared sporting a fresh-looking tattoo reading “‘Til Death” on Wednesday.

The allegations involving the 5-year-old son of Valerie Cincinelli and Isaiah Carvalho were revealed at the former couple’s divorce hearing in Nassau County Supreme court.

“I was also informed that there’s a [Child Protective Services] investigation into allegations over Ms. Cincinelli’s parenting prior to the circumstances going on before the court,” said Hani Moskowitz, a lawyer representing the boy.

Carvalho’s lawyer, Erica Sakol, said there were “belt marks on the child’s body, which we believe came from Ms. Cincinelli.”

Moskowitz requested a court-ordered probe into the child abuse allegations — which Judge Jeffrey Goodstein said he’d approve Wednesday.

Cincinelli, 34, who also has a daughter with an ex-husband, was arrested May 17 for allegedly giving her boyfriend $7,000 to hire a hit man to kill Carvalho, as well as the boyfriend’s 15-year-old daughter.

“I’m going to be acquitted ’cause I did not do this,” she defiantly told reporters outside the courtroom.

She was cuffed from behind — but the “‘Til Death” tattoo was visible on her right hand, along with a balled-up tissue.

Carvalho sued Cincinelli for divorce last year.

Their young son believes his mom is away on active service with the National Guard, Sakol told Goodstein. In reality, she’s been behind bars at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

“[The son] was told she’s on a military mission for the National Guard,” Sakol said. “He fully accepted this because he knows she’s a reservist with the National Guard.”

Cincinelli hasn’t spoken to the boy since her arrest — but a phone call between the two will be arranged at 7:30 p.m. Monday.

“The court will appoint a therapist to arrange a phone call,” said Goodstein. “The child needs to talk to his mother.”

The mom of two, who said she gets 300 minutes a month to use the jail phone, chimed in, “I can be available any time that’s good for him.”

She grew teary-eyed as Goodstein reminded her that an order of protection is in place, barring her from contacting Carvalho or their son.

“You are not to contact them, try to reach them, try to show up at their house, if you get out on bail. Do you understand that?” the judge asked.

“Yes, sir,” she choked out through tears.

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Carvalho declined to comment as he left the courthouse.

“Isaiah is just concerned about his son and is very thankful as always for law enforcement. They’ve been wonderful with him, protecting him,” Sakol told reporters, adding that the boy is in his care.

Cincinelli has been held without bail and suspended without pay from the NYPD — contrary to previous claims by her criminal lawyer that she’d been fired.

Vincent Trimarco Jr. said the child abuse allegations were “made up” by the other lawyers but confirmed a CPS investigation is underway.

“It’s absolute nonsense,” he said after the hearing. “When CPS does an investigation, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s abuse. It could mean someone complained, it could mean a number of things. That’s why we asked for a court-ordered investigation to find out.”

Trimarco said his client and Carvalho were in the process of amicably settling their divorce before her arrest, including an agreement to share custody of their son.

“Everything was going very smoothly. There were no issues of custody whatsoever,” he said.

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