Class X Student From Gurugram Adopts A Government School, Sets An Example For All Of Us

Lately, Gurugram has been in the news for all the wrong reasons – whether it’s polluted air or the chilling murder of Pradhyumn. But a Xth class student from the same place is making sure, that despite all the evil in the world, people do not give up on humanity. Tushar Mehrotra is a student of class 10. While most of the students at this stage in their lives are busy worrying about their boards, this extraordinary kid has adopted a government school.

A student of Pathways School, Tushar’s journey to bring this change started when he was assigned a school project related to social responsibility. He started off by donating books and setting up a library in the government school. “Initially, it was supposed to be for my school project. I just wanted to donate books, set up a library and leave. But once I entered the school and saw the condition, I was compelled to do more,” he told Times Of India

Times Of India

Tushar started crowdfunding to raise money and reached out to his family abroad. He was the first one to donate to this initiative. The first step was to install working fans in the classrooms. Tushar has not only contributed to the school financially, but he also spends his weekends teaching kids at the school and talking to them about current relevant topics.

While the school staff is proud of him, the school kids love him for his contributions. Balvinder Singh, the school in-charge, told Times Of India, “What Tushar is doing is commendable. It’s not just about money or the things he is bringing, but also the attention he gives the kids. Since he started coming here, the kids’ interest in studies – and particularly English – has grown. They want to learn more. I wish more people followed Tushar’s example.”

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  • People like Tushar are trying to bring the change we desperately need in our country and honestly, this just proves this world isn’t that bad after all. More power to you, Tushar!


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