CHL: Skra Belchatow will host Final Four

Today some important decisions were made in Champions League. All teams were divided for play off and we know the host of the finals.


For the third time in five years Skra Belchatow does not have to take part in play off. That’s because they will be the host of the Final Four 2012. This tournament will take place in Lodz city (there is no arena big enough for this case in Belchatow).  “After 2 years we are going back to Poland and I already wish the hosting club a very successful Volleyball festival, knowing that they will be doing a great job and that the same applies also to Azerbaijan that will host the women’s final” commented CEV President André Meyer.

“It is a great honor for our club, the city of Lodz and our country to host the final once again” says PGE Skra club President Konrad Piechocki. “We would not be able to do this without the support of the local authorities” he adds.

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However, Polish fans are not happy about this. What is being said is that Skra should get to Final Four on their own, moreover when they claim that they can do this year after year. Important thing is there was not many clubs interested in organizing Final Four. Everyone knows that the costs of this project is huge (about 250 000 euro) and actually it does not pay to do such a thing.

Furthermore now we know, how Champions League playoffs 12 teams were divided. Polish club Zaksa Kedzierzyn Kozle will play with Arkas Izmir.

The Playoffs 6 will determine the three teams that will join PGE Skra for the final four coming up next March 17-18, 2012.

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