Champions League play-off

Volleyball Champions league 2006/07 is heading to Final Four tournament. All the participants of the final tournament in Moscow are known. Previous Champions League winner Sisley Treviso will be missing.



Friedrichshafen terminated the way of Treviso,  Macerata passed over Roeselare and Tours knocked down Mallorca. These are the three semifinalists of Champions League. Fourth place is for booked up by organizer, Dynamo Moscow. Dynamo Moscow will host the Final Four of the Champions League 2006/07 by decision of CEV. Final Four tournament will be played from 31th March to 1st April 2007.

VfB Friedrichshafen3252525–– 22522202513Sisley Treviso0202121–– 31425252315              Lube Banca Marche Macerata3252525–– 128192219–Knack Randstad Roeselare0202120–– 326252525–              Portol Drac Palma Mallorca116251821– 22025152512Tours VB325172525– 32520252215

Friedrichshafen by winning first set in Maaseik qualified to next round, at home Friedrichshafen did not allow to win one set to Maaseik. Sisley Treviso lost first game with Cuneo 3:1, but at home Treviso was other team, beating Cuneo 3:0. Macerata two times beat Panathinaikos. Team of Roeselare managed to gain also second match against Belgorod. Mallorca due to difference in points will be in last pla-off round. French Tours did not allow to DHL Ostrava to make big surprise,

Vfb Friedrichshafen3252525–– 22515202713Noliko Maaseik0202331–– 32225252515              Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo320272825– 0192223––Sisley Treviso125252618– 3252525––              Lube Banca Marche Macerata325252028– 32225251816Panathinaikos Athens120222526– 22522232514              Lokomotiv Belgorod21625192513 116304214–Knack Randstad Roeselare32522252015 325324025–              Portol Drac Palma Mallorca32521252215 22519292515BOT Skra Belchatow2212520259 31825311817              DHL Ostrava125191319– 121251927–Tours VB319252525– 325172529–

Last qualified team from pools is czech novice DHL Ostrava (Pool D), the best fourth ranked team. Czech team is continuining in Champions League due to winning one more set than Buducnost Podgoricka Banka (Pool B).

Home matches date are set to 14th February (+/- 1 day), away matches of 1st round will be played 21th February (+/- 1 day)

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